Tips for Olympic Weightlifting

Tips for Olympic Weightlifting
Olympic Weightlifting
Olympic weightlifting is an athletic discipline that requires individual to lift weights in a single lift placed upon a barbell. There are two types of lifts in this competition that are called snatch and clean and jerk. The lift where the individual takes the barbell in an overhead position in single motion is called jerk. On the other hand, the weight is held on the shoulders for some time before standing up to take it overhead in the lift called clean and jerk. Many athletes practice this fantastic sport to help them with explosive and strength increasing reasons. Almost all can benefit from Olympic Lifts.

The right gym with the right atmosphere
Looks can be very deceiving. When you look at the participants lifting barbells in these two types of lifts during Olympics on television, you think it is a very easy sport. However, it takes years of weightlifting and dedication to be able to compete at the highest level in this sport. More than anything else, it requires proper training under the watchful eyes of an experienced weightlifter and coach to be able to lift weights in the right manner.  At MYGYM Bristol Gym “Bristol Weightlifting Club”, training is imparted in Olympic weightlifting to people who are desirous of lifting weights. Find out more about our gym at Weightlifting at MYGYM Bristol

It is a gym that is not only meant for general fitness but also to help people desirous of making a mark in various  other sporting events such as weightlifting and martial arts.

Proper training under an experienced coach
If you are desirous of learning weightlifting, it is important to join a gym where there is proper environment and the essential equipment to be able to lift the weights in the correct manner. There are many other things like your diet and other exercises that are necessary for a budding weight lifter. At MyGym in Bristol, you will get all help and assistance from experienced weightlifting coaches to learn weightlifting. Lifting heavy weights requires great strength in your shoulders and arms but it also requires strength in your thighs and legs. This is the reason why your coach will tell you to do front squats as much as you can to increase strength in your legs.

Your weightlifting coach will also check your action while lifting weights and rectify it to make it smooth and correct. This is very necessary as unnecessary effort is wasted in lifting a weight if this action and the technique of lifting are not perfect. Once you know the technique, you are ready to increase the weights to lift more. You will also learn about the importance of proper diet and weightlifting gear to become a successful weightlifter.

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