Personal Best Nights

Hi all

As we started to do last year we are planning to run PB nights on the last Friday of every month. For those who haven’t been involved before these nights have several advantages:

1. If you are a new lifter they give you a chance to experience competition type conditions (referee, 3 attempts etc.) in a less pressurised environment

2. They can provide a way of structuring your training (feel free to ask in the comments for ideas on how to do this)

3. The extra adrenaline and atmosphere will allow you to push yourself beyond where you might be able to in a normal max-out training session.

4. They have always been enjoyable and help lifters get to know each other.

Although its late notice we are getting the ball rolling on Friday 30th Jan,  if you can make it great, if not we will have plenty more to take part in.


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