Olympic Weightlifting For Sports Performance

At Bristol Weightlifting Club we have members from all types of backgrounds, people who are all out weightlifting competitors to people from other backgrounds looking to gain athletic performance in the sport of choice.

We came across a nice article at Lift Big Eat Big which which we feel explains how Olympic Weightlifting is a great sport not on its own right but one that compliments other sports really well.

“Olympic Weightlifting is not only an incredible sport in and of itself, but its use as a training aid to other sports may be the most transferable form of time spent in a weight room. The point of emphasis for athletes shouldn’t have to be within the competition standard (though it doesn’t hurt) but instead on the RATE OF FORCE DEVELOPMENT. RFD simply means the speed at which force can be produced. Stronger athletes can produce more force, but the SPEED at which this takes place is the more important figure, specifically in sports where sprinting, jumping and throwing are used. This is where O-Lifting reigns supreme, for it is the best way to move the most amount of resistance in the fastest way possible. You have to train fast to be fast.”

Full article can be found on http://www.liftbigeatbig.com/2013/02/olympic-weightlifting-for-sports.html

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