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Our main website is here , as we are part of MYGYM and staff there can answer all queries relating to Bristol Barbell Club.

Please feel free to also contact us via our more active platforms, click on the desired Facebook or Instagram icon to be taken to our social media account.

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MYGYM Bristol
Unit B Dean Street,
T: 01173 459 030
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2 comments on “Contact
  1. Catherine Turle says:

    I am interested in weight lifting to lose weight as I have been told to burn fat this is very good for this. I don’t know if their is a coach in your gym or an instructor that can help with this or if I need to go elsewhere? Can you please contact me back about this matter?

    • BWC says:

      Hi Catherine
      We can certainly help you. We have a weightlifting club with coaches and we have PTs who specialise in it also. Might be easier to communicate over a phone call. Feel free to message me your number and I will call you back. Kind regards Ibb 07795102200.

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