Bristol Weightlifting Club



Bristol Weightlifting Club

Bristol Weightlifting Club

Bristol Weightlifting Club 

We are pleased to announce our new club has started at Bristol Sports Centre!

Bristol Weightlifting Club is affiliated to the British Weight Lifter’s Association (BWLA). Membership gives you access to our Weightlifting area, the Bristol Sports Centre Gym and classes run by Empire Sports Club Head Coach Andy Sutor and Assistant Coach Kevin Bowden – Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings. Currently 6-9pm.

If you are an experienced Olympic lifter, you can use the area outside of class times 7 days a week during normal hours. If you are beginner we recommend you attend the classes under the very capable hands of coaches first.

As a Weightlifting club member you will have access to the gym as well. To access the weightlifting area you must be a weightlifting club member.


You can join us as Weightlifting member via our online sign up page HERE  OR visit us and sign up in the centre.

Membership is £30 per month on a rolling monthly contract.


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  1. David says:

    So the debate enseus about eating. I am delighted to put up any posts that stirs debate. It is good to have a different perspective from everyone. However, when it comes to eating. The debate as I see it is which is more important eating right or training. There is a great understanding between men and women that I believe we can all agree, garbage in garbage out . This goes for the mind and the body. It is not a judgmental statement it simply elementary. Love your body- Peace all,Vic

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