Arching in the Bench Press: why the controversy?

The Girls Who Powerlift blog has just published a new article about arching in the Bench Press by state champion Powerlifter Christina Myers.

Women do seem to get a hard wrap for benching with an arch, even though many male Powerlifters do it too. I’ve found that lots of guys like to comment on how you are benching in a rather irritating, faux-concerned way: ‘is it safe to be doing that?’ and ‘watch your back!’ are just a few of the responses that I have experienced, and I’m definitely not alone!

Hopefully this article provides some food for thought and may be a way of explaining why it is not a concern to those kind souls who are just so worried about our back health.

Please drop a comment below if you’ve anything to add – it would be great to get a discussion going!



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