4 Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting

The Four Reasons why you should Olympic lift:

At Bristol Weightlifting Club we love Olympic lifts, and wanted to share via our blog some of the benefits of the great sport. Hopefully we can keep you all well informed whilst we and you learn more about this amazing sport.
You are probably wondering what makes Olympic Weightlifting a better choice for resistance training than others forms. Weightlifting offers many benefits over bodybuilding, powerlifting, and machines. However, the main reason people do not participate in weightlifting is because they are afraid of getting an injury, however this is a false assumption that is easily discredited. Find below 4 Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting.

A few years ago, Doctor Michael Stone studied the cardiovascular benefits of Olympic Lifting. He was shocked to find the improvements made by this form of training. But why? It is a simple matter of the length of the movement of the bar.

In a wrist curl, the bar may move four inches. In a Clean and Jerk, the bar moves from the floor to overhead, upwards of seven and a half feet! Every muscle in the body is used, including all the support system. A tough set of Snatches leaves the lifter heaving for breath, sweating in streams, and the heart racing. All this without even having to go the track!


By lifting the bar from the ground to overhead, the entire body is called into act. As one begins the slow process of adding weights to the Olympic Lifts, the entire body compensates by getting bigger and stronger.

One of the first areas most novices to Olympic Lifting discover is the whole chain of muscles from the gluteus and the spinal erectors to the trapezius. Shirts begin to fit funny as the muscles of the upper back grow to accommodate the pulling movements. What muscles do the Olympic Lifts build? All of them.


Certainly, it is possible, but because of the movement from floor to overhead, there is little room for forced reps, overload techniques, or any form of cheating. There is no bench, no rack, no supports. A lifting partner can’t stick his hand on the bar and make you squeeze out an extra rep.

Olympic Lifting demands discipline in choosing weights within your abilities. But, the payoff is worth it. The feeling of hoisting bodyweight from floor to overhead for the first time remains a treasured memory years later.


A solid workout of 5-4-3-2-1 or twenty singles can take less than half an hour. Working the entire body, as well as the cardiovascular system, the Olympic Lifts are very taxing. It would be hard to imagine ten sets of ten with bodyweight in the Olympic Lifts. It is hard to imagine one set.

If time is pressing, take a warm up weight and Clean and Press it for ten. Add some weight, and do five. Add some more and do three. Then, keep adding smaller plates and knock off as many singles as you can, until you can’t. Workout over.

When your garage is warming up to freezing because of the steam off your body, you will understand the importance of short, quick workouts. When you can do bodyweight in all three of the lifts, look in the mirror. You will understand the importance of the Olympic Lifts.

Article originally from: www.bodybuilding.com

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  1. Junko says:

    There are three parts to getting fit; meatnl attitude, diet, and your workout. Yours meatnl attitude seems great! I love the fact you know that eating disorders are unhealthy!30min. 3 times per week of cardio is critical to losing weight. So find a treadmill, or gym membership if you can’t make it home in time. Or find a 30 min. slot in the day somehow. Also slow sit up and crunches. Flex those abs, and crunch. I like this site to refer on some workouts, because they have videos to go along. bodybuilding.com. Don’t think of this site as steroid central .use the material they give you! Go to the supersite section and click on fitness for women. The people will be huge, but the workouts work.. I am 5’11 and am 175lbs, and am not even close to being a stoid monster

  2. Natalija says:

    Thnkiing like that shows an expert at work

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