Month: February 2015

The Myth of The Natural

Hey bro, shoes aren’t natural bro, ankle mobility bro. Hey bro, hold the whey bro, not natural bro. Bro, hey bro, that doesn’t look functional bro, muscle insertions bro. Bro, omega threes bro, omega threes. Robb Wolf’s fish oil calculator


Not one week after we published an article on benching and curling, these two beauties show up on /r/weightlifting: and View this post on Instagram It's not just Dmitry… I think we discovered the holy grail of weightlifting #luxiaojun #biceps

Benching and Curling

Within the functional fitness scene, few things attract more derision than benching and curling, emblamatic as they are of the bodybuilding scene. You don’t have to look far to find someone trashing either exercise. Now, I’d be wrong to say

New shoes, new shooooooooes.

Eleiko is making new shoes, looking like they’ll be priced at $80. However, they look like the sneakers your grandfather wears but only when he’s in the house. View this post on Instagram В продаже с 1 марта (on sale

How to psyche yourself up

So apparently, next time you’re talking to yourself, you should use either your name, or the second or third person pronoun.

Idalberto Arranda

Cutting and preserving LBM

PROLOGUE: can you even have a prologue for a blog post? Anyways. This started out as a piece on cutting without losing lean body mass. While it still does this, it now also functions as a comment on the state

Weightlifting in Thailand to escape poverty


PB night and the English Championships

Well done to everyone who lifted in the last minute PB night on Friday, and thanks to Graham for refereeing! We had a good atmosphere and some excellent performances, especially from the newer lifters. Here is Matt mid 72 snatch

Circadian phenotypes and peak performance

A really cool University of Birmingham study on time of day and peak performance has been released. While it has been known in the literature for a while that people tend to do better later in the day, the study