Month: January 2015

Personal Best Nights

Hi all As we started to do last year we are planning to run PB nights on the last Friday of every month. For those who haven’t been involved before these nights have several advantages: 1. If you are a


Compliance and calories.

In personal trainer circles, the issue of client compliance is a common one. After all, you can take a horse to a barbell, but you can’t make it squat.     Personal trainers, therefore, use all kinds of trickery to

I guess that’s one way to get volume in…

Meanwhile, in Canada…

Load and Hypertrophy, or, basketball doesn’t make you tall, gymnastics don’t make you small, genetics may make you put your head through a wall. A tale of correlation and causation.

Nearly one in five men 7 feet tall or over play in the NBA. In the 2012 Olympic Games, the average height of male gymnasts was just under 5’6. Clearly, gymnastics correlates with shortness, and basketball correlates with tallness. But

World record setting Snatch by Li Ping, hitting 103kg at 53kg.

Ma Jianping just hopped on the weightlifting subreddit with this gem from 2010, a world record setting snatch by Li Ping, hitting 103kg at 53kg. He writes “This is a video of my student, Li Ping (53kg). When I was